Wakely Pricing Model

The Wakely Pricing Model is an Excel-based tool designed to support premium rate development, benchmarking, and healthcare cost and utilization analysis. The tool is similar to actuarial pricing models offered by other healthcare consulting firms, but Wakely’s version offers a clean user interface and additional functionality.
A key feature of the Wakely Pricing Model is the ability to input front-end selections such that the underlying claims experience comes from a specific population mix (such as metal tier and subsidy level). This enables users to more appropriately estimate future costs according to the type of membership mix they plan to enroll. It also facilitates loading of experience data so that it can be used in addition to or instead of the “manual dataset” underlying the model.    To review some key screen shots from the model, click "View" below.   
Pricing Model Exhibits
Sample Screenshots
The manual dataset is derived from Wakely’s ACA (WACA) database of over 10 million individual and small group lives from 2016 and other potential data sources for other markets. The data interface allows the user to vary the population used as the manual dataset according to selection criteria including: Market (e.g. individual, small group, etc) or metal tier, condition category, demographics; among others.
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