Wakely Medicare Advantage Competitive Analysis Tool (WMACAT)

The Wakely Medicare Advantage Competitive Analysis Tool (WMACAT) is designed to be used by health plans to compare Medicare Advantage benefits and market information at the national, state, and county level. The tool presents data in Excel format when a comprehensive comparison of benefits is desired, and in Power BI dashboard format when the user wants to drill down into market/county statistics such as enrollment, Star Ratings, historical risk scores, etc. 

WMACAT delivers more flexibility and functionality than competing products, including the following:

  1. The Excel-based tool allows the user to select the state and county for which a comparison of benefits is needed. The user then selects the enrollment type (G/E, DSNP, CSNP or ISNP – or any combination thereof) and the plan type (HMO, HMOPOS, PPO, etc. – or any combination thereof) and the way the data is to be sorted on the output sheet. The output consists of both a benefit level comparison and a graphical presentation of the size of the plan (membership) plotted against the plan’s value of benefits (OOPC values) versus the plan premium. 
  2. The Power BI portion of the tool allows the user to interact visually with available data. The user can drill down into the data at the state and county level, comparing plan membership, member premiums, stars, risk scores, etc. 


Watch our recorded Webinar (below) to view dashboards, excel exhibits, and more great features!   



For more information about WMACAT, please contact your Wakely Consultant or products@wakely.com.