Wakely developed the RADIAL reporting tool to help our ACA individual and small group clients identify data leakage that impacts risk adjustment outcomes. Tracking data lineage across data sources allows plans to clearly identify potential data leakage (missing records or data elements). The impact of these issues is prioritized based on the overall impact to risk adjustment results. The tool provides drill-through analytics to allow plans to quickly investigate the identified issues and trace data lineage.
We believe that this set of analytics provides transparency and insight to ACA health plans that want to review data integrity. Wakely has been assisting issuers review their ACA risk adjustment data since 2014 and provides industry leading analytics.
Identifying and Stopping Data Leakage at the Source
Comparing Data Sources
Wakely ingests multiple data sources, including EDGE data, to provide transparency in risk score difference. Drill-through analytics allow clients to track data integrity issues across data sources.
Member & Claim level prioritization based on impact to risk adjustment; HCC and risk adjustment summaries; Data comparison and tracking between data sources
Recommended Schedule
Wakely offers RADIAL on a fixed fee or per run schedule. The suggested run schedule is: Run 1: Nov/Dec; Run 2: Jan/Feb; Run 3: Mar