National ACA Profitability Study

Wakely's National ACA Profitability Study (a.k.a. "WRINR"--Wakely Risk Insights National Reporting Project) is a major Wakely initiative that helps participating issuers identify key profitability drivers for the individual and small group markets, as well as how their own drivers compare to national benchmarks. The study collects data from participating issuers (we collected 2016 data for over ten million individual and small group ACA lives). The WRINR project uses the Wakely Risk Insight (WRI) software.

In addition to a written report, participating issuers also receive access to their results in Power BI format. Power BI is a powerful and flexible web-based tool that provides a visual platform to help users understand issuer-specific and national trends. We include a few sample Power BI exhibits from the 2016 study below.

1.  Top Drivers of Profitability
Top Drivers of Profitability
2.  Key Metrics by Benefit Year
Key Metrics by Benefit Year
3.  Loss Ratio by Carrier Size
Loss Ratio by Carrier Size

Each year’s study builds on the lessons of the prior year and investigates relevant changes in the marketplace. The 2017 iteration of the study will place a specific emphasis on the impact of changes to the HHS-HCC risk adjustment model and opioid use. For more information, please contact