Broker Consulting Services


Wakely's Broker Consulting Services (BCS) provides independent third-party actuarial consulting and analysis for the brokerage community.    

Our Services
Renewal Evaluation
Our renewal evaluation is an easy to understand but comprehensive report of current and projected experience. This report is available for most major funding types, and can be customized to include any future changes to a group's plan offerings
Plan Design Analysis
Wakely can provide detailed analysis and guidance with regards to current and future Benefit Plan Designs. We can also provide Actuarial Value attestations for Federal Minimum Value or Part D
Wakely's Self-Insured Feasibility Analysis highlights the differences an Employer can expect to see between Fully-Insured and Self-Insured funding arrangements. This report is essential for employers assessing their risk when considering a funding change
An actuarial reserve point estimate of claims that are Incurred But Not Reported to help Employers identify pending claim liability
Stop Loss Analysis
Using a Monte Carlo simulation, Wakely is able to assess an Employer's risk at various Stop-Loss levels, backed by Truven Healthcare data. Adding Employer specific data and demographics, we also compare expected catastrophic claims to current experience
Premium Equivalents
A top to bottom analysis of current Premium Equivalents and healthcare experience, with reasonableness and quality data checks
Financial Monitoring and Peer Review
Our analytical depth and expertise can help Brokers and Employers with a detailed peer review of Financial Dashboards or other financial summary reports for accuracy and reasonableness
Contribution Modeling
Assisting Broker and Employer groups with premium contribution scenarios using experience from our own book of business, as well as publicly available Employer group surveys
Mergers & Acquisitions
A comparison and feasibility analysis of claims experience and demographics to assist an Employer Group in reviewing benefit offerings throughout their M&A
For more information, contact Scott King, BCS Director