Oliver Smidt

Consulting Actuary I

Oliver Smidt works in the Denver office of Wakely Consulting Group, LLC. Oliver’s recent work has been on Medicaid rate review, the Medicare Shared Savings program (MSSP), and the development of products and analyses that provide payer and provider clients with opportunities to improve their performance. In one state, he put together an analysis demonstrating how Medicaid members with severe and persistent mental illness tend to have a claim relativity that is disproportionately higher than their risk score relativity. In a recent project, Oliver helped support the evaluation of the terms in a valued-based contract (VBC) relative to Wakely’s internal benchmarking standards. He has been the lead analyst for an ACO Client in building and maintaining an analytics platform used to identify areas of opportunity for the ACO’s provider system. Oliver built an analysis that allowed the ACO client to benchmark its providers against one another based on the claim cost and risk scores of each provider’s attributed members in the MSSP. Oliver has been a utility player at Wakely providing technical support in the Medicare, Medicaid, ACA, and provider areas. He has worked with data in many forms and developed expertise in working with the CCLF data provided by CMS to ACOs participating in a Shared Savings Program. 

Oliver earned his master’s degree in teaching from National Louis University and his bachelor’s degree in mathematics and physics from Illinois Wesleyan University.