Benchmarking Solution

Wakely Broker Consulting Services (WakelyBCS) is pleased to offer the WakelyBCS Market Insights Benchmarking Solution – the latest addition to the suite of services and products we offer to the employer benefits brokerage community.

           New Plan Summary Report with Actuarial Value (AV) now available!

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Benchmarking Solution

Why Choose the WakelyBCS Benchmarking Solution?

Although benchmarking is not a new concept in the employer benefits world, the benchmarking solution created by WakelyBCS stands alone:

  • Industry-leading platform: Our solution is built using Microsoft Power BI, an industry leader in business intelligence and analytics for 14 consecutive years.

  • Next generation data visualization tool: Our solution is designed to be interactive, allowing you to set your own benchmarking filters and quickly identify and analyze areas where your client’s benefits deviate from benchmarks.

  • Nationwide coverage: As of April 2022, our data set boasts 9,600 employer groups and 22,000 health plans spanning 47 states across the country.

  • Accurate data:  We work hard to make sure your client data is accurate by validating it against more than 850 quality assurance checks, sharing feedback and opportunities for improvement with you during the data submission process.  This helps minimize the likelihood of errors, not only in your client-level data displayed in our reports, but also increases the reliability of the benchmarking data overall.

  • Public benchmarks available as a reference: The dashboard provides you with more than one benchmarking data set by also offering relevant public benchmarking data from the annual Kaiser Family Foundation Employer Health Benefits Survey.

  • Co-branding friendly:  WakelyBCS can customize our benchmarking reports with your firm’s logo to strengthen your brand.  Additionally, the reports can be exported to PowerPoint so you can easily add other agency-specific information.

  • Updated year round: Join as a participant any time and submit data year-round, a distinct advantage as you attract new clients or for existing clients with a non-traditional renewal cycle.

  • Participate even if you don’t use WakelyBCS for other services.  Although we provide a full complement of independent third-party actuarial consulting and analysis services, you are free to purchase benchmarking solution licenses even if you are not otherwise a WakelyBCS client.

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