Week in Washington: Coronavirus, Supreme Court, and More

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Week in Washington: Coronavirus, Supreme Court, and More

On top of the health policy news front continues to be coronavirus. A few developments this week include:

Other News this Week

Supreme Court to Hear ACA Case

In what normally would have been front page news, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the ACA constitutionality case. Texas vs. U.S. will be heard in October or November. Following the hearing, the Supreme Court will determine if the ACA is legal as a result of ending the mandate penalty. The court could rule the ACA is legal, illegal, certain parts are illegal, or that the ACA is not legal in certain parts of the country (i.e., the plaintiff states). Legal experts believe the ACA will generally remain legal unless there is a change in court composition between now and a ruling. A ruling is expected in the Spring (likely June).

Work Requirements Nixed in Michigan

A federal judge summarily blocked Michigan’s work requirements from being enforced.  Work requirements have now lost several court cases. The cases are likely to go before the Supreme Court but will take time in getting there.

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