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COVID cases nationally have begun to increase again, especially in Midwest states. Overall, about 25 states saw case increases. Additionally, hospital cases have also begun to increase again.




The Labor released a revised unemployment rate of about 8.1% percent (down about 0.6 percent points from the previous week). Washington Post analysis does a great job showing how changes in overall averages may hide some of the significant differences in unemployment changes by income. The current economic downturn has affected lower-income individuals far more than higher individuals.




CBO released a report on trends in federal health spending and overall coverage. The new report estimates that employment-based coverage will, on average, decline about 4 million in 2021 (relative to 2020) and for Medicaid/CHIP enrollment to increase by about 6 million. They also estimate that non-group coverage will decline between 2020 and 2021.


Politico reported that a coronavirus deal is unlikely with the White House and House Democrats still far apart on many details.

Risk Corridors Guidance

CMS released new proposed guidance on how issuers should treat potential risk corridors related judgment fund payments for purposes of MLR. The guidance proposes that plans that receive payments need to resubmit their 2015 through 2017 MLR filings if the amounts result in a change in rebate status. Plans have until the later of 12/31/20 or 60 days after receiving risk corridors payments.

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