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Week in Washington


Medicare Rural Spending Cliff

Two Medicare Payment Adjustments: The Medicare-Dependent and Low Volume Hospital programs are scheduled to expire in September. New estimates, according to politico, have the impact being around $600 million dollars. Given that the impact was primarily felt by rural hospitals, there is some push in Congress to make changes to protect rural hospitals.

Mental Health

Another major health care related legislative push is around mental health. In particular, a new bipartisan bill has emerged that would provide funding for increased training as well as provide Medicare Part B coverage for mental health counselors. Medicare would also make it easier to see psychologist trainees. The bill would also expand access for Medicare and Medicaid to psychologists.

Coming Regulations

There are a few regulations expected to be released this fall (i.e., next month or two) including the family glitch final rule, ACA 2024 Payment Notice, Changes to Medicare Advantage for 2024, and the final physician payment rule.

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