Pre-Labor Day Tidbits

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Week in Washington: Pre-Labor Day Tidbits


As is tradition here in DC, the week before Labor Day is among the slowest news weeks of the year. Here’s a few tidbits before the long weekend.  

Texas v. US Update: A recent blog post by the Center on Health Insurance Reforms provided a good update on where Texas v. US (the ACA constitutionality case) sits. Recently the Department of Justice (DOJ) asked for the ACA to be invalidated for the 18 challenging states. Clearly this may be problematic as a number of ACA policies are not separable at the state level (e.g., Medicare provisions). Again while most legal scholars believe ultimately this lawsuit has a longshot of winning, it does point that any number of outcomes could result from the case if the Supreme Rules in favor of the plaintiffs, including different effects in different states. 

Surprise Billing: While Congress is in recess, lobbyists and staffers are not. There appears to be growing momentum to stop the Surprise Billing legislation. More will be known when Congress comes back in session in a few weeks but it would not be surprising if legislation addressing surprise billing is not passed this year.   

Medicare Plan Finder: CMS released its redesigned Medicare Plan Finder to help beneficiaries to shop for Medicare Advantage and Part D plan. This is the first major update in over a decade. The update was designed to address concerns raised by the GAO.  If you are interested in downloadable images of the new plan finder, you can find it here

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