Week in Washington 06/27/24


KFF created a good comparison of the two Presidential Health Care records and positions. You can find it here. There is a stark contrast between the candidates on a number of issues and KFF has a good summary of them.


Politico reports that several health care bills are potentially getting committee votes in the House. Under consideration is a bill that would allow Medicare beneficiaries that previously had access to weight-loss drugs to continue to have coverage via Medicare, extending Medicare telehealth rules for two years, and some privacy standards. 

Medicaid Unwinding

CMS published a nice summary of timelines for when state have (or are expected to complete) Medicaid redetermination.  11 states will not be completed by the end of this month (originally all states were expected to complete redetermination by the end of the month). Note NY does not currently have an end date.

ARP Estimates

CBO released further breakdown of the effects of expiration of the enhanced (ARP) subsidies. CBO estimates that the non-group market would be about 7.1 million enrollees larger if ARP subsidies continue versus if they sunset.

Urban Institute estimates that the non-group market would be about 8 million larger if ARP subsidies continue. Urban Institute’s model doesn’t allow for year-by-year estimates (i.e., they don’t opine on year by year effects) but they provide state by state estimates of the effects.

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