Week in Washington 05/30/24

CMS Regulation Watch

The pace of regulations being released has dramatically decreased in recent weeks. The expectation (and schedule) is that there are a few regulations that are proposed but not finalized (such as the revisions to mental health requirements) but generally the expectation is no major regulations will be released at least until the fall.

RADV Results

CMS released its 2022 benefit year RADV results. Overall, the absolute HHS-RADV adjustments as a percent of premiums decreased when compared to the 2021 benefit year.

On the Campaign Trail

As the 2024 campaign heats up, there is likely to be more stories on what agenda the next Presidential Administration will implement. Axios reported this week that health care lobbyist and conservative groups are stepping up lobbying efforts around a potential Trump presidency. Several sources reported that there is active discussion around Medicaid cuts and work requirements, repealing Medicare drug pricing negotiations, and ACA subsidies.   

Judicial Watch

As a reminder there are a number of very important Supreme Court cases that will affect the future of CMS regulations that are expected to be released in the next 4-5 weeks.

Congress Watch

Congress continues to focus less on immediate legislation and more on what items might be included at the end of the year. Politico reported that there are several work groups focused on reforming the 340b program with intense lobbying occurring between pharmaceutical and hospital interests. Another potential area of reform is on prior authorization for Medicaid managed care companies.

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