Week in Washington 05/23/24

Weight Loss Drug News

Axios reported current shortages for the popular weight loss drugs Wegovy and Zepbound. While both companies are working on expanding supply, the shortages are expected to persist in the near turn. The telehealth company, Him & Hers announced that they would be selling a compounded version of the GLP-1 injections for $199 monthly. The company can offer the compounded versions of the drug since its appearing on the FDA’s drug shortage list.

Medicaid Redetermination

With only a few months left for states to complete redetermination, there remains a significant number of beneficiaries still remaining to be renewed (according to KFF about 24 million beneficiaries). Currently about 21.9 million beneficiaries have been disenrolled since Medicaid redetermination began.


A lawsuit was filed to block parts of the recently finalized rule that places disclosure requirements on short-term duration and fixed indemnity plans. The lawsuit could result in blocking the current restrictions on these types of plans. 

State Watch

  • Louisiana – Louisiana passed a bill that would classify abortion-inducing drugs misoprostol and mifepristone as Schedule IV controlled dangerous substances. This is the first time a state has done this.  
  • Colorado – Colorado passed a bill that bolsters consumer protections when health care-related decisions are influenced by AI. While the legislation provides carve outs for technology that complies with HHS standards it could encourage other states to put forth their own standards on this issue. 

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