Did You Make the Cut?: A Summary of 2023 Star Rating Cut Point Changes

In less than a month CMS will be publicly releasing the 2023 Medicare Star Rating data, displaying how Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs) performed on various quality measures during the 2021 measurement year and indicating how Medicare Advantage spending could change in 2024 based on changes in Overall Star Ratings. In the meantime, health plans have been notified via the plan preview of their 2023 Star Rating performance. In addition, the 2023 Star Rating Technical Notes have been published, allowing for analysis of the measure-level cut points changes. This brief attempts to analyze those cut point changes to understand how overall quality performance may have moved. In addition, this brief attempts to help MAOs analyze how cut point changes may have impacted their Overall Star Rating.

Did You Make the Cut? A Summary of 2023 Star Rating Cut Point Changes

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