About Us

Our Story: Wakely's History

  • Five decades. Wakely began in 1966 and eventually evolved into several successful divisions. In 1999, the actuarial arm became the current-day Wakely Consulting, which specializes in providing actuarial expertise in the healthcare industry.  Today, there are few healthcare topics our actuaries cannot tackle.   
  • Expanding footprint, top talent. We have grown to several offices across the country specializing in various aspects of actuarial work.  Why open new offices?  We go where the talent is. Top talent means better service for our clients. Currently, we have offices in Atlanta, Denver, Minneapolis, New York, Phoenix, and Tampa.

Our Story:  Wakely's Philosophy

Our clients benefit from Wakely’s unique structure.  

  • All projects welcomed. We'll never be actuarial divas. No project is too big or too small. We value all opportunities (and clients) equally, and we’re here to help you reach your goals.
  • Diverse thinking, better results. At Wakely, we’re more than policy gurus and data experts. We embrace diverse talent, because it takes all kinds of minds and fresh perspectives to meet the unique needs of our clients
  • Happy people. We believe that treating employees well translates into exceptional client solutions and service. We consistently deliver both, thanks to our high employee satisfaction and retention rates.

Our Story:  Wakely's Expertise

We move fast to keep our clients ahead of the healthcare curve. 

  • Broad healthcare knowledge. Wakely is experienced in all facets of the healthcare industry, from carriers to providers to governmental agencies. Our employees excel at providing solutions to parties across the spectrum.
  • Your advocate.  Our actuarial experts and policy analysts continually monitor and analyze potential changes to inform our clients' strategies – and propel their success.
  • Deep data delivery. Because of Wakely’s unique access to various data sources, we can provide insights that may not be available from other actuarial firms. 


Our Story:  Wakely's DEI Statement

Wakely’s focus is beyond numbers, creating a diverse, authentic, and empowering workforce that is optimized through the strengths in our differences. Wakely maximizes the potential of individuals within our organization because we believe that through our diversity we strengthen our offerings to the clients and communities we serve. Diverse voices and unique perspectives set the foundation for our success. Moving forward we will continue to improve by leveraging our differences, transforming a strong organization into something superb.

Wakely's Mission & Vision



To partner with clients to drive business growth, accelerate success, and propel the health care industry forward.


We empower our unique team to serve as trusted advisors with a foundation of robust data, advanced analytics, and a comprehensive understanding of the health care industry.

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